Wednesday, May 5, 2010

UFO Sightings

I was watching the History Channel last night and the program was a discussion of intelligent life on other planets inside and outside of our Universe. There were several discussions about UFO sightings -Unidentified Flying Objects- dating back as far as history is recorded.  There is a lot of speculation on what the visitors wanted then, and what they might want should they ever decide to drop in and make themselves at home here on Earth. I know that there is a lot of disbelief in UFO's and the Government tries desperately to poo-poo any seemingly valid sighting. They've come up with very inventive reasons to explain things that people see.
I suppose religious people might raise a brow about intelligent life on other planets as well - supposedly God created Earth and everything on it. The Bible does not mention any other life anywhere. I don't know. I don't care. I saw a UFO with my mother, my brother and my little sister standing around me.
It was in the early 60's. We lived on Dewey Hill, which was a little plot of land off of Virginia Avenue. Virginia Avenue ended at Remound Road on one end and continued into North Charleston at the other end. At Virginia and Remount, there was an old Army Depot, and off to the right, over the small inlet running into the intracoastal waterway and the marsh, there was the papermill, aka Westvaco. Westvaco ran 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and the smell was somewhere between the odor of boiling cabbage and boiled gym shoes... Fragrant to say the least. In fact, we had a Navy Hospital turned Military prison over in North Charleston and for a time, Manuel Noriega was incarcerated there. He made the claim that attempts were being made on his life via poison gasses. It was determined that on super warm days, when the breeze was slight, the odor of Westvaco drifted across the town of North Charleston and into Mr. Noriega's cell.
I digress.
It was, as I said, in the early 60's and I was probably 8 years old. My mother worked hard to keep our clothes clean, and sometimes that meant washing them late in the evening and hanging them out so that the warm summer air could dry them while we slept. We didn't have a dryer and for a time I remember we had a wringer washer on the back porch. One evening, well after dusk, Mama was hanging out a load of clothes on the back porch. She'd run a line there so that the dew wouldn't settle on the clothes and wet them all over again. I suppose we were in the living room watching television. Daddy went to bed with the chickens so he was already in bed. Doors and windows were open to catch the breezes if there were any, so we could hear her on the back porch, singing one of her favorite Kitty Wells songs, and suddenly she went through the alphabet of kids names, calling us all till she narrowed it down to the three who were home - "Linda! Dean! Thomas! Sue! Jo Ann!" Kids!" "Sue, Jo, Thomas! Come here! Quick! Hurry!" There was definite alarm in her voice and we scrambled to get outside, running pell mell through the kitchen, banging into each other to squeeze through the narrow bathroom door and the smaller still back door leading onto the porch. She was standing by the railing, the garment she was going to hang draped over her arm, a clothespin pinched in her fingers of her hand and with that she was pointing out over the mile or two to the old Depot at the end of Remount and Virginia Avenue. "Look!", she told us and we did - and saw it instantly.

(This is not the UFO we saw but very similar without the bright lights!)

Two miles away what we saw was about as big as a fly, though up close I am sure it was a LOT bigger. It hovered, a bright blue, and morphed into a deep violet and then into a blue again. It blinked in a cycle of colors, red, blue, orange, violet, white, for several long seconds - probably a full minute actually, and all the while we were asking her and each other, " What is that?"! She shushed us, as if she thought it could hear us, and we hushed! We watched and it drew further away, still elongated like a cigar, and continued to change colors, slowly and then speeding up, and suddenly it went white, and shot straight up, then away off to the left and back and out of sight.  I believe she called my sister Linda and told her about that but no one else. Ordinary citizens didn't call the Air Force, or at least she didn't think to do that. We never saw it again and I don't think it was ever reported in the paper. But we saw it. We talked about it for days! Over time it went to the back of our minds, and we didn't discuss it any more. But one night Mama was standing in the kitchen talking to Linda, my oldest sister, about something to do with church or whatever, and suddenly it felt really weird in the house. Weird as if the house were in a vaccuum, and there was no sounds outside, and no sounds inside but for the sound we made breathing and our heartbeats.... I felt it and Mama felt it, and I heard Mama say that it felt like the power of God had enveloped the house. I wasn't so sure what happened but I ran into the bathroom, the smallest room in the house and I crouched down between the toilet and the tub. She thought I was praying. I was, for my life!!! I was scared to death! I don't know what happened that night. I'm older now, and I don't think it had anything to do with the power of God. I think that UFO might have just popped back into the neighborhood, hovered over us a minute (seconds actually) and then cruised on off. The sensation was completely strange, I had chills, and Mama had chills, the hair stood up on my arms and back of my neck, and I was terrified of something I could not see, could not hear, could not feel but of something that was all around, something that could suck the sounds of crickets and all other sounds of insects right out of existence.  Oh yes.

In 1995 my daughter came flying home from work, up the highway, and  into the yard.  We lived outside of Goose Creek, in a very rural area, and she was obviously scared and excited as she came into the door to tell me to come out and look! She'd seen something on her way home, something that struck her as strange and frightening, and feeling a little trepidation I stepped out onto the front porch with her and watched as 3 lights in a triangular pattern slowly moved just over the tops of the pine trees, off in the distance but heading our way..

(The one we saw did not have the red light in the center)

I am sure it was much higher than it seemed but we both thought it had to be brushing the tops of the trees. You could barely make out a black mass behind these lights, but it was never a clear outline. It moved closer to us, closer to the trees, and was finally directly overhead and absolutely soundless!! In fact, it brought to mind that night when I hid in the bathroom. There was no sounds around us, at all! It was summer and there should have been crickets and cicadas, and frogs ribbeting... But no. It was deathly quiet and the air was absolutely still. There was no way to judge how high up it was. It was overhead against a backdrop of star riddled black sky and the only way you knew that something held the lights up was the fact that it blacked out the stars in that triangular shape. We both decided that it was probably not a good thing to be standing outside, under a UFO that was moving overhead, so we went into the house - and to the back door where we looked up to see if we could see it, but it was gone. Gone! Oh yes, they are out there... Her future husband at that time told us later that he and a friend of his had once seen a UFO and he described what they had seen - and it was exaclty what we had seen, although not the same night... He and his friend had actually followed it as well as they could along a hightway till it went across the highway and across the woods. He also said it appeared to be hovering just over the treetops but at the distance he was at, there was no way to really tell.

They are out there. I don't doubt that at all. I think they have been visiting us for hundreds of thousands of years... They're probably from some solar system further out in the galaxy than we will ever be able to go, in my lifetime, or yours, or possibly anyone living today.

They've crashed here - I know someone whose father was in New Mexico when that ship crashed.  The story he told me was that his father was one of the early responders to the crash site and one of the little aliens was actually walking around, hurt. The other two were dead.  This is the same story you hear on any of the documentaries regarding the Roswell incident. What he told me, and what you don't hear, is that the ship was sent to school us and teach us.Something malfunctioned and the crashed. The black boxes they wore were translators. The three on board were going to do something very much like what our astronauts do on the space station. They would stay here for a number of months or years, and then more would come to replace them and the cycle would continue. Maybe that's all malarky - but maybe it isn't.
Our computers went from the size of a small house to the size of a file cabinet, and then to the size of a postage stamp, and smaller still. Technology went into warp speed after the crash in Roswell... And no one can really explain how we learned so much, so fast, and how we continue to make leaps and bounds in technology that make the discoveries and revelations of today almost obsolete within a month. I hope they are here to teach us.
I hope we're smart enough to learn.


  1. Awww creepy my comment disappeared. I said I've never seen a UFO so I don't believe in them but if I did see one I probably would believe in them. lol Interesting entry!

  2. My husband and I argue over the idea of UFOs all the time. I believe life exists on other planets, he doesn't. Makes for some real good conversations sometimes! Happy Mother's Day