Thursday, August 9, 2007

Go Cindy!

I've got to say that the woman has guts. She's got moxie. She's also got my vote. You can only admire this woman's drive and devotion to righting a serious wrong; namely, the death of her son, Casey. And the question she begged George Bush to answer, " Why?", is one that seems to be a very popular one now, amongst millions of Americans, and I'd wager that even some of you Bush supporters who said she was crazy and an attention seeker, are echoing her sentiments. Maybe your son or daughter was killed in Bush's war to gain control of the oil, amongst other things, and you finally woke up to the fact that this war should -never- have been entered into in the first place. It's too sad and too bad and I'm sorry your loved one is among the thousands of dead soldiers who died 'fighting terrorism' on foreign soil. My thought is that if you'd backed Cindy then, your child might have been brought home alive, along with the other thousands of boys and girls, men and women, sitting out there waiting for the next sniper to take a bead on them.
If you aren't a suppoter or sympathizer of Cindy, then I hope you remember this when you get that knock on your door... because it will surely come.
Cindy has decided to take on the biggest beast threatening our servicemen and women. It isn't terrorists. It is our own greedy government. It's George W. Bush, and Nancy Pelosi. It's Dick Cheny. It's Condoleeza Rice. It's any member of Congress, any member of our governing body who has not moved to Impeach George Bush for lying his way into taking America to war to fight a terrorist whose father was in business with his father...
Aren't you wondering why we could find Saddam Hussien in a spider hole and we can't find a man who still leads his armies of terrorists... Come on. Please give us credit for having some intelligence... We can see a license plate from space, we can tell if it's screwed on with a phillips or a slotted screw... We have night vision this and that and we can't find Osama?! We don't -want- to find Osama because he isn't really the object of this war. The object is setting up permanent bases in the oil rich country, initializing our form of government there, perhaps making ourselves comfortable enough that we manage to get control of the oil... How did our oild get under their sand, anyway? Right?
If Cindy's son died for a good reason, I want to know what it is. If terrorism is the real reason we are fighting over there, then why in God's name aren't we securing our border with Mexico? Why are we pardoning Scooter Libbey and locking up men who did their jobs attempting to stop a -known- drug dealer who was trying to enter America from Mexico, illegally!?
Why aren't we putting more stringent enforcement on our imports from China, who obviously, is not at all concerned with the quality of food and other merchandise that they send to America. If Bush and his cronies, and Pelosi is one of them, now, are so enamoured of keeping America safe, hadn't they ought to bring these men and women home and give them jobs protecting our borders, and inspecting the billions of dollars worth of food and goods that we receive from China? Shouldn't protection start at home? Bush's brand of fighting terrorism is akin to protecting against STD's by washing hands -after- sex with the infected individual.
It's insane, and this isn't my last blog.
Go Cindy! I'm voting for you!