Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Press 1 For English? This is America!!!

First off, I'm not going to be polite about this and if I offend you, I'm sorry, but suck it up or leave now if you're one of the liberals who think that it is alright for millions of Mexicans to step across the border, hundreds every day,  and suddenly have access to everything that -other- people have worked, paid, saved, died for, and contributed to - for most of our lives.

Those who have had their identity stolen and used will have their own arguments about the matters surrounding these immigrants.

When you look around and see Mexicans with the names of dead Americans on their fake drivers license, on their fake identification cards, think again about how 'nice and good and honest and hard working and deserving' they are of the opportunity to succeed in America. Maybe they're the ones who shot that poor rancher out in Arizona and then killed his dog. Are they the ones who snuck in carrying AK-47 rifles and who brought a stash of cocaine and marijuana? Maybe they brought some Typhus and some Tuberculosis, and some other diseases that we eradicated here in the U.S. We don't stop them and check them so we don't really know who they are, or what they bring... and what kind of criminal history some of them might have.

When you are behind them in line at the grocery store, after you have dug and scraped and borrowed a dollar to be able to buy a loaf of bread and they have three babies under 4 in their cart, aren't speaking a WORD of English to anyone, pull out W.I.C vouchers to pay for the two grocery carts full of food, I want you to think about people you probably know who are breaking their backs to make a living, dollar by dollar, who are paying taxes and social security and all the other little dividends that the government says we should pay for the liberty of having since we want to live here, and who can't always make ends meet. Think about those who can't get a little help from the Social Services department in the way of Food Stamps and Housing payment vouchers because they make a little too much to qualify since they actually work and pay taxes... Mexicans can, however, drop a baby 24 hours after being here, and the government doles out free medical care, food stamps, housing, and even some spending cash for diapers, etc to that "new citizen" and Momma. For free!

Take a ride through the numerous Habitat For Humanity developments in your neighborhood. The U.S. Government funds a large percentage of those houses. Take a ride through those neighborhoods that we built that were supposed to house poor people who can't afford to buy a home, who can't get credit, or who can't otherwise afford to live in a house without the government, and the generosity of Americans who want to see everyone living in a decent home... You'll have to look around the new SUVs, the King Cab work trucks , the Ford Expeditions, the nice family vans. Then look at who owns them - They aren't American citizens, I can assure you. You won't hear a word of English spoken.

Then go home and wonder how you're going to buy groceries, or gas for your 10 year old car, because the Goverment takes your tax dollars out before you ever see your whole paycheck, and Unlce Sam wants your money to pay for the Health Care that these illegal trespassers are going to need when they have their 7th baby at a local hospital without a dime of insurance!

Settle down on your sofa and watch the news about how a gang killed and robbed some poor elderly man. Read the news about the convicted criminal who slipped back across the border into the U.S. and stabbed and killed a college student, or the gangs who mark their turf so that other gangs who come across won't step into someone elses territory. We've already been claimed and 'owned' by someone, you see. Watch when Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, the worlds biggest racial instigators, agitators and motivators, jump up and down and start screaming about RACIAL PROFILING because Arizona has taken to taking matters into their hands to protect her legal citizens. I wonder what they're going to do when they realize that it was never about that but about protecting the U.S. and for the future of all of our kids, and grandkids. We're going broke because we have millions taking more than we taxpayers can put in!

It has NOTHING to do with race!

Al and Jesse love to cry about the unfairness to 'minorities' and they're obviously blind to the fact that they're about to lose that status...Of course with over 11 million illegal tresspassers already in the U.S. maybe they already have. Jes, Al, better teach those grandkids how to make Tamales! That's what might be left for them to do when they graduate college if you don't step up and back Arizona for doing something, for taking that first step, to conserve OUR country..

Watch when the other liberals want to go ahead and give them amnesty and fast track citizenship so they can pay taxes and vote... You have to wonder don't you, how this citizenship is going to make them pay taxes and stop working under the table... Employers hire them at cheaper rates, and they work cheaper and can afford to because they don't pay taxes. Then they live in houses, 15 or 20 to a place, split the rent that many ways, and send millions of American dollars to Mexico (and what happens to it there only they know... but it never comes back to America). Meanwhile We the People, we the Citizens of America,are forced to turn anything we buy over 3 times to find our instructions written in English at the bottom of the package. Someone said that English is the second language of almost every other country. It was said that it wouldn't hurt us to learn a second language like Spanish... That's fine and I don't care. If I go to Spain or to Mexico, I can speak enough to get by. However, if English was so readily taught in Mexico as a second language"  why are so many of them unable to speak any word other than "job" when they come across the border... It's America and we speak English here. The language they speak has NOTHING to do with the fact that they are an enormous drain on our system, education and financial, taking our jobs, creating a future where our children and grandchildren will be forced to work for pennies on the dollar to compete with so many who will work for so much less, and it is going to get worse...California is already broke and there are 2 million illegal (that they know of) there.
I am not talking about those who came here legally, and I would never deny them the chance to make a decent life and a better living. They speak some English, they work hard, they can show you their green card and proudly DO...They're not happy with the illgal trespassers either... It gives them a bad name.

As for the rest, I say - This is America. Press 1 for English or Press 2 to contact your local Immigration Office for a one way ticket home.-